The Website is Born

by Andy

I can make a website. Really, I can. Just because I haven’t yet, well that’s trivial. Teammate, friend, coworker, and US Army Sergeant Jon Steele, also builds good websites, and he has done a few. In fact he did the one you are on right now. I couldnt have done it this well without him. And to top it off he is Afghanistan right now, serving our country. Anyone that is willing to build a website from the middle of a war zone is a great friend, and damn good coder. Nice work Steele.

Part of the purpose of the website is to share our ChumpCar story. From the beginning to the last lap of the race, and who knows what else that will invariably happen in between. But the website is also a place to proudly acknowledge our sponsors. Make sure to take some time to check them out. Their support is what allows us to do this, and their desire to help proves they are good people worthy of your business.

Thanks guys!!

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