Off-season is here

After a frustrating though eventful and memorable race season, it’s time to get out of debt, and do it all again next year. The plan is to rebuild the engine completely, and make a few other adjustments to help us be more reliable. Check back for updates!



If you have made it to this site, you probably already know what I am doing. However, if instead you are looking at the pictures above wondering WHY someone would put a roll cage in a rusted out crap-can, please read on.

My team and I race in a national series known as the “Chump Car World Series.”  The aim of the series is to let a bunch of people race $500 crap-can rust buckets around a closed-course race track, at full speed.  And not just for a 25 minute race, but a full 24-hour endurance race. To rein in the Chumps, there are a few rules to ensure we dont hurt ourselves. We have to have a full roll cage, racing seats, fire suits and harnesses. Aside from that, the car really cant be worth more than $500. That ensures a lot of redneck creativity. Themes are encouraged, and further add to the shenanigans. (Think For our Chump car, we chose a 1995 Subaru Impreza 1.8l. This underpowered, ugly rust bucket is really the perfect car becuase…..well because it was cheap, and they are easy to work on. Thats kinda it. We could have thought it through more carefully, but then it wouldn’t be such an adventure would it?

The first race will be June 11th and 12 at Pikes Peak International Raceway ( So we have until then to transform this rusted out red wreck into a rusted out red wreck with a roll cage, and some other safety stuff. And it somehow has to complete 24 hours of full on racing without breaking down. Sounds simple enough….

For more on ChumpCar racing, check out their website,

Also please check out our sponsors, as this experience would not be possible without their support!