It's all in the details.

by Andy

Another productive weekend in the garage. This was possible mainly because my Dad, Steele, and Myers were all able to come lend a hand. It’s nice to get some different perspective on the project. It was also fun to let them strap in and take the car for a spin. Granted, there was no front bumper, headlights or windshield. Kind of funny to see a car ripping around the neighborhood in that condition.

We started by test fitting the harness and seat to adapt it for various driver sizes and heights. This was a little bit more difficult than I anticipated, but the end result I think will work well for all drivers. Once that was done, everyone got to take a spin in the car, which was awesome. After so many months, I think it was great for my teammates to see that I am serious about this whole thing, and that it IS going to happen. While I completed the welds for the harness anchors, Brian adjusted the e-brake lever, installed the fire¬†extinguisher, and marked off the jack points underneath the car. Steele took pictures. He doesnt give himself enough credit for this. Pictures will always be there to remind us just how much fun we had. Only bummer is that he is always behind the camera, so he isn’t included in the pix!


With those items out of the way we used a sawzall to cut the aluminum diamond plate into the basic shape of a floor mat. The diamond plate’s purpose has nothing to do with “Fast and Furious,” and everything to do with an incident where I was climbing into the car and my foot slipped, slamming my bony ass into the door bar. Cutting the diamond plate was rough, but its in there now, and screwed permanently in place. And it does look very fast and furious. I just hope the I don’t experience a manifold failure! ;)


We were pretty burned out after that mess was over, so I spent some time with Brian, practicing welds on some scrap metal.


And that’s it for today! I will be working on the car again soon, and hope to have some exciting updates!

- Andy-


  1. Taylorcraftbc65
    06 May 11, 1:20pm


  2. Andy
    08 May 11, 8:02am

    Thanks for following my progress Brie! It’s nice to know people ARE reading it. :)

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