Intake swap: 8/3/2011

by Andy

Switching out the 1995 EJ18 with a 1998 EJ22 is not actually straight foward. Well, in the land of motor swaps, its like putting together legos, but as my first motor swap, it’s a bit un-nerving. Keep in mind that I don’t have months to get it working. I have to get it right the first time. The race is now exactly one month away, and I only have two weekends left to work on the car. In order to keep from getting further behind, I spent a week night removing the intake manifolds from each motor. The intake manifold from the EJ18, will go onto the EJ22, as that is where all the sensors and engine harness go. That way, with the EJ18 intake manifold attached to the EJ22 long block, I should be able to drop the new motor in, and plug everything right back up, just like it was. Confused yet? Well the EJ22 motor and intake did not have emissions equipment, but the EJ18 did, so there was a bunch of extra sensors, EGR soleniods and emissions crap for me to disable.

In the end, I did figure out a way to get everything working. Well..I dunno if its working. But I think it will. Cross your fingers for me ok?
Oh, and since I had forgot to do so before, I took a picture of the new harness bar I welded in, in order to comply with the saftey tech’s suggestion.


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