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The swap: 8/7/2011

by Andy

With the race getting closer every day, I really wanted to take advantage of a free saturday and work on the car. I didn’t know how much I would get done, but I wanted to at least make some...

Intake swap: 8/3/2011

by Andy

Switching out the 1995 EJ18 with a 1998 EJ22 is not actually straight foward. Well, in the land of motor swaps, its like putting together legos, but as my first motor swap, it’s a bit un-nerving. Keep in mind...

Catch Up: 7/30/2011

by Andy

Well, everyone that frequents my website has probably given up on looking for updates. But if there is anyone left, I have a lot to update you on! You may remember reading in the PPIR race report that our...