Not Cool

by Andy

Another way to add power is to reduce parasitic loss. The A/C system is great for keeping the interior nice and cool, but when it comes to racing, it’s a power robbing parasite. Since ChumpCar rules dictate that all windows must be removed, aside from the windshield, there is no need to keep the A/C system. So out it goes. Not only is the compressor powered by the engine, but the A/C condenser is a large radiator that sits in front of the engine radiator. In racing, having the engine overheat is the quickest way to end your race. After the condenser is removed, airflow travels uninhibited to the raditor, increasing its effectiveness in cooling the motor. This is even more important because ChumpCar rules state that only WATER can be used in the cooling system. No chemicals whatsoever are allowed. Yikes. With the entire A/C system removed, it saves weight, allows the engine to run cooler, and reduces parasitic losses.

Also, you may notice that the power steering pump is missing. The previous owner filled the power steering system with motor oil. Well the power steering pump did not like this, and promptly developed a leak, purging motor oil all over the engine. The pump then started whinning noisly every time it was asked to work. With the pump removed, I will take it to SUBA Performance, and search for a replacement part in their pile of spares.

My dad, Jack, was helping me out with all this, and it went by really fast. He then wrote me a check to buy his way into the race! Those funds will help build the roll cage. Thanks Dad and welcome to the team!!

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