The Rust wins…

by Andy

While searching craigslist, I found some rear disc brakes with calipers, knuckles, hub, and parking brake cable for sale. I called the guy and then went by to pick em up. When I got there, I found that he also had available some larger brakes for the front. Score!

Working on the rear brakes turned out to be a huge mess. On saturday I spent over 3 hours just removing ONE brake and knuckle assembly. Every nut and bolt had 220,000 miles of rust and really did not want to budge. In fact on one of the bolts I managed to ruin and impact wrench socket. These things are built strong enough to withstand an impact wrench, and I broke it with a 3 foot breaker bar, and the bolt still hadnt come loose. I did manage to get the bolt out, though. Then, I put in the replacement strut/spring combo from the 2.5RS, and installed the lateral link which includes mounts for the anti-roll bar.

Once I had got to that point, I was just completely out of energy and called it a night. The next day I called up my Dad and brother who came to help out on sunday. It was very helpful, as always, to have their help. We were able to complete the other side and get everything all buttoned up. The only issue was a nut that I had bashed into oblivion and that I will have to get a replacement for. so the outer lateral link bolt is not snugged down. Yet. Someone, dont let me forget to get that on there!! :)


Here is the old drum brakes:

New rear disk brakes:


And the front brakes are not on the car yet, but you can see the difference in the size of the caliper and rotor. This should help a lot!


I did not do any welding this weekend. I was really looking foward to getting some of these vital parts back ON the car. I also ordered up some parts for the power steering: a steering rack rebuild kit, and new outer ball joints. Once I get those items installed, I can reinstall the steering rack, exhaust, drive shaft and shift linkage. Then, the front brakes and struts. Whew!

A big thanks to Lauren for taking pictures, and for continuing to sport this crazy idea of mine. Love ya babe!
And if you have made it this far, thanks for reading. I appreciate the support. And if you fee like donating some money to the cause, I will totally take it. :)



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