Quick update.

by Andy

Just wanted to throw another little update out for your reading pleasure. No pictures at the moment, because there really isnt anything pretty to show off. Not that any pictures of this car are exactly pretty.

The roll cage has been ordered, and Jim at www.rollcagecomponents.com is taking care of the bending and notching. The roll cage should go out for delivery early next week. Very exciting! I also ordered a Sparco Sprint V seat, mounting bracket, and slider from www.rallysportdirect.com. The shipping was free, and I should get it today! I plan to put the seat in my office chair and have a coworker push me around. You know, so I can get a feel for it…..

I did do some work on the car. Removed the driver seat and all the seatbelt stuffs. Also removed the wiring for the door sensors, and speakers. The only sounds from the car will unmitigated road noise, and the 1.8L motor breathing through a 2.75″ crap-can exhaust. Ahhh, music to my ears.

I did also try using a new braided wire wheel brush with my angle grinder, and really, it sucks. I think ill be ordering a crud thug soon. If you dont know what that is, well, you will just have to wait until I post pictures. :)

Thats all for now. More pictures and updates to come after the weekend. I am probably going to remove the fuel tank, fuel lines, and brake lines. Im doing this so I have more room to weld, and well, I dont want to light the gas tank on fire, ya know?

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