Down to the wire

by Andy

3 Days, 19 Hours, and 50 mintutes. That is how much time left until the green flag flies. The team is going through a lot of emotions for sure. Mostly excitement, some nervousness, and a little stress. But really, we have done everything we can, and we are ready to race.

This last weekend, all team members came by for the final team meeting at my house. We worked on the car, packed, and had a few good laughs. However, while driving the car, I started to hear a NEW noise. After getting a second opinion from Brian, we agreed that it was the front left CV joint. Luckily our local auto part store had replacements, so we went ahead and swapped out both the left and right axles. I am proud to say that it only took 45 mins, start to finish. I am definitely getting good at this car stuff! We also swapped out the stock brake pads with Hawk HPS, and replaced the front rotors with some slotted units from ATE. The slots help remove hot gas from the brake pad area, and help keep the pad from glazing under extreme temps.

Once the car was all set, we found an undeveloped area of neighborhood streets and everyone got an opportunity to get behind the wheel and drive the car close to its limits. It was extremely rewarding to watch all my friends and family get behind the wheel, go for a spin, and come back grinning ear to ear. After so many hours of work on the car, their expressions of enjoyment were really rewarding.


And now, only 3 days, 19 hours, and 38 minutes left.


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