So Close!

by Andy

I didn’t get all the things done that I wanted to this weekend, but I am still really happy with the results of what we did.

Travis Brock came by today and helped out. His help is truly appreciated, and it was nice to have some new ideas and different perspective. For example, my Dad was working on a center console, made from diamond plate. Travis politely suggested that, if we would like our right leg to stay attached, there shouldn’t be a sharp edge so  close to our leg. Oh duh. Shoulda thought of that!

Aside from the cut-off switch panel, we also built a light bar for the “HellaFlush” lights. We followed the mantra “keep it simple stupid,” and ended up with a really sturdy and simple design. We got the lights wired and routed so that when the high-beams are turned on, the Hella lights come on as well. But in case I need to turn off the lights, there is an override switch that will turn off the lights. Pretty sweet set-up.

The tow loops were also conveniently simplified by Travis B. who suggested just looping them through the factory tow locations. We used some gorilla tape to afix them in a position that is easy to see. And, just in case the course worker is really in a hurry, I added some flourescent arrows which point to the strap. :)

Oh! And holy shit we have a windshield!! I never thought it would look weird to see a windshield in the car, but it does! I even smacked my head into it several times because I am so used to working around the car without it. I really look foward to getting my “” windshield banner on there!!

And finally, the tires have been ordered. I ended up going with the Federal SS-595 tire in a 205/50-16. 8 tires only set me back $650 SHIPPED. The place I got it from is worth mentioning, because they carry a ton of tires, and they have the cheapest prices I have ever found.

So here are some pictures. We did not have a photojournalist onsite today, so I have no pictures of the work in progress.

Yes. I was using an RS wheel as a seat..

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